Custom Curiosity Journals

Custom Curiosity Journals


Inspire curiosity

Give the gift of curiosity with a premium, customised Curiosity Journal.



My extreme level of being inquisitive can be annoying to some, that is until I ensure them that I am not scrutinising, judging, or doubting, but simply exploring a deep curiosity.

I am grateful to Scott Ko and his team for helping me normalise and somewhat operationalise my process through his thought-provoking Curiosity Journal.

This customised journal has already helped me and the people of Five to Flow explore our own curiosities in a mindful way, supporting flow.

As a gift to our customers, it will encourage exploring and acting on our curiosity more mindfully allowing for vulnerability and self-awareness.

— Kate Visconti, Founder of Five To Flow



What's in your Curiosity Journal?

Curiosity can take different forms for different organisations. What questions do you think are important to ask? What perspectives do you want people to explore? In short, how would you design your Curiosity Journal?

Create your own line of Curiosity Journals that reflects your brand. Perfect as corporate gifts or care packages for your team.






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