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Curiosity Journal - Reviewed by Bridget Murphy

Bridget Murphy | Certified Holistic Health Coach, Meditation Teacher and lover of the small things in life

 She finds people fascinating yet she's equally comfortable in my own company.
 She's inquisitive and very curious person. She loves learning, exploring new places and hearing people’s life stories.
 She loves all things home and homewares, local markets, home cooking and family.


"As someone who values curiosity, this journal really appealed to me when I was gifted it. It’s set out in an easy to navigate way filled with helpful prompts to spark curiosity within your inner and outer worlds. It can be used as a tool to help you cultivate positive mindset changes that could have a ripple across all areas of your wellbeing and life.
The fact the journal guides you as it sparks curiosity means that it doesn’t add to the overwhelm you may already feel. Instead it helps you see what’s next and where you can go to discover more, get support and find the answers you’re searching for.
I love the Curiosity Compost heap as a way to have your questions and curiosities in one place to refer back to at any time. It frees up headspace as you’re not left with so much swirling around in your mind.
The Curiosity Journal is a great gift to yourself or someone else to foster curiosity, or to encourage it."